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Marilyn Monroe ingilizce biyografisi

Marilyn Monroe was an actress and a model. She was American. She died on August 5, 1962. She was 36 years old.

Wilhelm Conrad Röntgen ingilizce biyografisi

He was born on the 27th of March in1845, in Germany. He died on the 10th of February in 1923. It was a Friday. He studied mechanical engineering and graduated from the University of Zurich. He was a brilliant and ambitious student. He became a professor in 1875. He discovered X-rays and Röntgen rays. He won the first Nobel Prize in Physics in 1901. He married to Anna Bertha Ludwig. He died of intestine cancer.

Thomas Edison ingilizce biyografisi

Thomas Edison was born in 1847 in Ohio in the United States. He started school at the age of eight but he hated it because on his first day the teacher called him stupid. After that, he stayed at home a lot of the time and had lessons from his mother. He also read a lot of science books at home. He went back to school sometimes but he never liked it very much. He left school forever at the age of twelve and got a job with a newsagent. He began inventing things at the age of nineteen. In 1877 he invented the phonograph, a sort of very early CD player! Two years later, he made the world's first electric Light bulb and New York became the first city to have electric lights.

Ada Lovelace ingilizce biyografisi

Ada Byron was born in London on 10 December, 1815. She was the daughter of the famous British poet, Lord Byron and his wife, Annabella. Five weeks later, her parents separated. Her mother didn't want Ada to be a poet like her father, so she taught her Maths and Science. Ada was a Maths genius but she also had her father's imagination.

In 1828, when she was only thirteen, Ada designed a flying machine. Then, when she was eighteen, Ada met the inventor, Charles Babbage. She helped him with his work and he had a big influence on her life.

Ada married Lord Lovelace in 1835 and they had three children. After that, she worked with Babbage on his new calculating machine. In 1843, she wrote an article about it with a plan for calculating numbers. This plan was the first computer program.

Ada had an important influence on computer history because she predicted the modern computer. In 1980, when American scientists invented a new computer language, they called it ADA. Ada died on 27 November, 1852, at the age of 36.

Elvis Presley ingilizce biyografisi

Elvis Presley was one of the most popular singers of his time. He was called 'The King of Rock 'n' Roll' and almost thirty years after his death, people still listen to his music.

Elvis Aaron Presley was born on 8th January, 1935, in Mississippi, USA. He won a singing contest at the age of six and played his first guitar at the age of eleven. As a young man, Elvis worked as a lorry driver before he became a singer.

He had his first hit, 'Heartbreak Hotel', in 1956. In the same year, he made his first film, 'Love me Tender'. In 1958, Elvis joined the army and went to Germany. There he met Priscilla Beaulieu. They married in 1967. Elvis became one of the richest singers in history. During his lifetime he recorded a large number of songs and many of them were big hits. He performed his last concert on 26th June, 1977.

Sadly, Elvis died a few months later on 16th August. He was only 42 years old. 'The King' is dead, but his legend lives on!

LEONARDO DA VINCI ingilizce biyografisi

LEONARDO DA VINCI (1452-1519) was an incredible man. He worked as an architect, artist, mathematician and scientist. He also worked as a military engineer and was a good musician. When he was a child, Leonardo liked school but he hated Latin. In 1466, Leonardo's family moved to Florence and he finished school. In 1482, he moved to Milan and started to work for the Duke of Milan. He designed many buildings for the Duke. He also studied mathematics. His drawing of the Anatomy of a Man showed him to be a great biologist. In 1502, he returned to Florence and painted the Mona Lisa. From 1514 to 1516, he lived in Rome and continued his scientific experiments. He died in France in 1519.

The interesting facts about this person are:

  • Leonardo da Vinci wrote from right to left - you needed a mirror to read his handwriting.
  • He was a genius - he could write one sentence with his right hand and a different sentence with his left hand.
  • He invented scissors.
  • He drew architect's plans but never built a building.
  • He made models and in his notebooks there were plans for a tank, a helicopter and a submarine.
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