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Henri Clerval who was born in the city of Geneva in 1775, was a good man. He wanted to go to the university. His best friend's name was Victor Frankenstein. The Frankenstien's family were a rich merchant and lived in Geneva. They were Swiss. Frankenstein had a sister.Her name was Elizabeth and Victor's parents brang her from Italy at farm. Her father died when she was born. Victor worried about natural secrets. He thought there were a lot of secret in the deep of water of the lake, on the glacier and in the things.

One day Henri and Victor Frankenstein were visiting when the thunder storm broke a line of fruit tree. Suddenly They blinded and were unable to horror. Then they were able to see and hear again. They saw the first thing a remains of a tree black and smoking. That Henri thought that an idea lightened in Victor's mind.Several times later Victor decided to go to the university at seventeen years in German. His father Dr. Krempe taught at the University of Ingolstadt. Henry wanted to go to the there but Henri's father didn't want. Victor's mother was very ill then she called Elizabeth and Victor. She wanted to marry them. Henri and the Frankenstein's family hadn't been seeing Victor for two years.Then Henri went to Ingolstadt. Victor's letter stopped completely about September of the following year. Victor had indeed left the university and he was following some studies of his experiment. Dr. Krempe wanted Henri to go to the university to find Victor.Krempe paid for his studies. Henri left Geneva late afternoon. He went to Ingolstadt by many vehicles. After he arrived the city, he started to seek Victor.Several times later Henri Found Victor's house. Henri knocked the door. Then Victor opened it but he was changed. He was very different. His face was old with wild eyes.Henri got into the house there was disgusting smell in it. Henri and Victor went down a long, dark passage. A bed stood on the floor and there was a table near the window.The evening shone with diffucty through the dirty windows. Victor did some experiment about alive and death.He tought that,a person alike a clock. If a clock shoked it to work again.If a person died, you would shaked it with lightining to live again.Victor took away Henri a room.It was dark and scary. There was a smell rotten meat in the room. There were a lot of copper, glaspipes and a kind of basin in the middel of the room.Henri looked into basin but at first he didn't see anythings. Then he saw some hair and a shadow. Secondly he understood a death man in it so he was afraid. He thought Victor was a madman. Henri thought The man who was adeath in the basin was more than two metres tall lang, golde hair. After this shocking times, Victor wanted some help to Henri about to do this experiment and Henri accepted.Victor used lightning for enliven the death. They finished all preparation. Only They had to fly the kite. There was a big windw on the work-room's wall.A minute later they flied the kite far and far.Then the lightning had hit the work-room. Henri and Victor lay onthe floor.All things was broken and the basin was,too... the death man lay on the floor. Victor thought was the experiment failed and his hopes was the end. They felth tired so they decided to go to bed. In the morning Henri woke up and saw a shadow at the door then he saw a monster a bit.It wasn't perfect man as they thought his face was ugly but on the other hand It was very strange and very tall.His arms long in front of him. Henri couldn't say anythings because he was terribly worried. Then Victor woke up and he saw the monster, too. He stare at the monster. Henri thought the monster wasn't a wild man because he didn't attack them. Suddenly Victor rebeled and walked near it. Victor became irriteated because the monster wasn't beuaty and perfect man for him. Victor ran after it. He didn't accept to make it. He went back his house in geneva. Henri didn't go with him.Because he didn't finish his duty. He had to find the monster. But there weren't news about it. One day Henri heard a new. There was a monster in the forest so he went to see it. The monster wasn't a bad man. It was tiding some food for a blind and old man. Later he went again the forest but It wasn't there.

Henri arrived in Geneva, there was a hanging. Geneva's person was there to see the Justine's die.Henri didn't know why Justine was hanged. Then he saw The Frankenstein's family was there and he went near them and talked. Then he learned that Justine killed William but it wasn't true. After Several times Henri learned How William was killed. The monster strangled him.After this event Victor decided to destroy the monster. There was a new in the city that “A monster had been seen at Mant Blonc ? so Victor and Henri went there. They saw it on a glacier.They talked with it.They learned that the monster wanted to marry as ugly a woman as it self.It would believe to be happy If It married a woman. Victor accepted to make a woman for it. After that day he started to create another monster.Some days later the monster came Victor's house and climped up Elizabeth's room. Elizabeth had gone to for a minute so she still didn't slept.She saw a shadow at the window then she saw the monster and shouted. Henry and Victor came her room but no body at the window. Victor undrestood that It was monster.Victor a mounted a guards for Elizabeth.Victor looked for a body for an other monster but the policeman caught him so he went to prison. His father tried to extracty him from the prison. Then Victor was extracted. One day when Elizabeth and Victor were in thier hut. The monster came there and destroyed all things in the hut and kidnaped Elizabeth.Henri and Victor looked for every where to find him, they couldn't find her.The monster postponed a piece colth for them to fin itself. Then they found iy on the edge of the cliff.It was carrying Elizabeth. Victor and Henri climped up for save her. They climbed uo edge of the cliff and Victor wanted to kill the monster with a knife.The monster took the knife on Victor's hand. Suddenly alight flashed and a great noise.The monster and Henri died.Ther were ashes and charcoal everwhere. Henri saved Elizabeth.They went back their house and. Old Frankenstein gave Elizabeth to Henri.They got married.Their first son given the name of Vİctor.

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