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Matthew Cuthbert lived with his sister Marilla on their farm on Prince Edward Island in Canada. Their farmhouse, Green Gables,was outside the little village of Avonlea. Matthew was nearly sixty and had a long brown beard. His sister was five years younger. They were both tall and thin,with dark hair.Everybody in Avonlea knew that the Cuthberts were quiet people who worked very hard on their farm.

Matthew and Marilla wanted a orphan boy from the children's home to help them with the farm work but the children's home sent them a girl.

The girl's name was Anne. She was about eleven, with long red hair in two plaits. Her face was small, white and thin, with a lot of freckles, and she had large grey-green eyes. She was wearing an old brown hat and a dress which was too small for her.

Matthew couldn't tell her there was a mistake. He decided to take her home with him. Marilla could explain the mistake to her.

They arrived at Green Gables, when Marilla saw the little girl, she cried in surprise , 'Matthew, who's that? Where's the boy?'

'They children's home has made a mistake' he said unhappily, 'and sent a girl, not a boy.' at first Marilla didn't want Anne. But the next morning Marilla and Matthew have decided to keep her. And after that Anne began to help them with the housework.

Marilla and Matthew had got friends called Barrys. The Barrys have a daughter called Diana. Anne met Diana when they met, they knew at once that they would be good friends. They often played together, in the fields, or by the river, or in the garden. In the afternoon she played with Diana.

When school started in September, Anne and Diana walked there and back together everyday. One morning a boy came to their class. His name was Gilbert Blythe. He was three years older than them, and very good-looking.

Avonlea school was quiet that day. The teacher, Mr Phillips, was helping some of the older children at the back of the schoolroom. Anne was looking out of the window at the reds and yellows of the trees, and the silvery blue of the river. She was far away in the world of her imagination. But Gilbert wanted her to look at him. He whispered to her, but she did not move. He was surprised. Girls were usually very ready to look at him. Suddenly he put his arm out, pulled her red plaits, and said in a loud whisper, 'Carrots! Carrots!'

Anne jumped up and looked angrily at Gilbert.

'You horrible boy!' she cried. 'I hate you!' And then she brought her heavy book down on Gilbert's head.

Mr Phillips heard the noise, and came slowly to the front of the schoolroom.

'Anne Shirley, why did you do that? He asked . she stayed silent. Gilbert said 'I'm sorry, Mr Phillips. I was rude to her. That's why she hit me.' But the teacher did not listen to Gilbert.

'I cannot have bad children in my school' said Mr Phillips firmly. 'Anne, go and stand in front of the class.'

And there Anne stood for there rest of the day, a lonely little girl with a small white angry face.

'I hate Mr Phillips!' she thought. 'And I'll never look at or speak to Gilbert.

Spring came, with its bright green leave and early flowers. One day a man came to the door. Anne opened door. The man was selling a bottle of something special for hair. He said 'it would change your hair from red to black' so Anne bought it. She washed her hair with this special thing and it change her hair from red to green. Marilla saw her hair. They washed her hair again and again, but it was still green. Anne stayed at home for a week and saw nobody. At the end of the week. Marilla decided to cut her hair because she couldn't go to school with green hair. So Anne had to agree. And some week later, she had got her red hair again.

One day Marilla said 'Anne your new teacher, Miss Stacy, spoke to me yesterday. She says you must study for the examinations for Queen's College in two years' time. Then if you do well, you can study at Queen's in Charlottetown for a year, and after that you'll be a teacher!

Anne was very happy because she want to be teacher. Diana didn't want to go to Queen's, but Gilbert wanted. So in the afternoons Anne, Gilbert some of their friends stayed late at school, and Miss Stacy helped them with the special examination work. For two years Anne studied hard at school. In June the Avonlea boys and girls had to go to Charlottetown to take their examinations. Anne passed the examination. She was first with Gilbert out of all the students on the island

The next year Anne began to live Charlottetown and went to college every day. Some of her Avonlea friends were at Queen's too, and also her enemy. Gilbert Blythe. Anne saw that he often walked and talked with other girls. She felt sure that she and Gilbert could have some interesting conversations. But she didn't want to be first to speak to him, and he never looked at her. There were examinations at the end of the college year, in May. Anne studied very hard for them. The news of the examinations came, Gilbert was the first at the examinations and Anne had got to Avery.

Anne arrived back Green Gables. She saw Matthew. He looked much older than before. He had some heart trouble this year because of the Church Bank. All their money is in that bank and Matthew's worried about it.

The next morning a letter came for Matthew from the Church Bank. Marilla saw his grey face and cried 'What's the matter, Matthew?'

Anne, who was bringing on armful of flowers into the kitchen, saw his face too. Suddenly, Matthew fell to the ground. Anne dropped her flowers and ran to help Marilla . together they tried everything, but it was too late. Matthew was died.

'It was his heart,' said the doctor, who arrived a little later. 'Did he have any bad news suddenly?'

'The letter!' cried Anne. 'shall I see what's in it? Oh Marilla, look! The Church Bank has to close down! Your money, and Matthew's, has all gone!'

All their money has gone and Marilla couldn't work. She couldn't give Anne any money to go to Redmond College. So she decided to sell the farm.

Anne thought and thought for sometime and planned everything. She decide not to go Redmond College. She said to Marilla ' I'm not going to Redmond College, it's to for away. I'm going to teach, in one of the village schools near here. Then I can live there during the week and come home at weekends to look after you'

Gilbert heart that Anne wanted to be near Marilla and he decided to teach at a school in another village not Avonlea. And surprised when she saw Gilbert she thanked him. Because if she was the Avonlea teacher, she could help Marilla much more at home. Gilbert smiled and held her hand firmly. He said 'Are we going to be friends now? Have you forgiven me for calling you 'carrots'. 'Anne laughed and forgave him. After that Gilbert and Anne were good friends. They went home to see Marilla. They were happy. Marilla too. Anne said 'I think life is going to be good for all of us! We'll have to work hard, but we'll be happy. And we'll keep our dear old Green gables! What could be better than that!'

Anne of Green Gablesİngilizce Hikaye
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